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More About Barkaron

A Doggie Dessert that’s Healthy for your Dog AND the Planet! Introducing the Barkaron™ Dogs are more than our pets… Dogs are our family, our friends, and loved ones. We have full-on conversations with them. Many of us sleep with...

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Meet Our Earth Line: Love at First Sight

What do you get when you pair our colorful Chews Happiness Drupka Hugs with our Earth Line Hugs? A “pawsitively” perfect match!   Unveiled at the much-admired NY NOW trade market, the Earth Line features one-of-a-kind dog sweaters, gorgeous matching...

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15 Fun Facts about Yaks

Yaks and yak herders are an important part of the Happiness Cycle here at Chews Happiness™. For centuries, yak herders have lived high in the Himalayan mountaintops, tending to yaks that roam and graze semi-wild. This is the traditional lifestyle...

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Meet Our Artisans: Deki Yangzom

Meet Our Artisans: Deki Yangzom When looking through our Chews Happiness product line, you’ve probably noticed words like “unique,” “handmade” and “artisanal.” But what does that mean, exactly, for you, your pup and the planet? It means that we don’t...

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